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March 2021 Updates

March 12, 2021


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About Us

Rack & Reel assists, hunters, fishermen and vacationers to experience the wonders of southwestern Montana. Our services include horses, cabins, tents, equipment, expertise and experience necessary to explore the back country.
We are hunting, fishing, tour guides. We are storytellers, cooks, riders and drivers, dishwashers, we are friends of the land we cherish. We are helping our guests enjoy this spectacular country.
We are offering you memories to place in your scrapbook of life.


Beau and Deb Bradley

Beau and Deb Bradley have been ranchers and valued members of the community for over 20 years.  Their values are those of Montana "Take care of those that take care of you."  Beau and Debra expanded their cattle ranch into an outfitting business.  Their desire is to share their love of the Ruby Valley with others.  


Ryan and Kendall Keltz

The Keltz Family moved to the Ruby Valley in 2010 which was moving home for Ryan's wife, Kendall.  Kendall grew up on the family Ranch and shared her love for the area with Ryan who eventually brought them back.  Ryan works and lives on the ranch with Kendall and their three girls, Tenley, Teegan, and Berklee  .  Kendall stays at home with the kids and helps on the ranch when needed.  Ryan handles the day to day tasks on the ranch.


Joe and Ali Curnow

Joe Curnow has lived in Montana his whole life, born in Billings, MT.  Joe grew up hunting in Eastern Montana.  Joe has a long history of hunting with his family and traditions that have been passed down from the generations.  Joe and his wife Alison have four boys that will soon learn from their father as Joe learned from his.  Joe and Ali have lived in southwest Montana for eight years, with Ali's family living in the area they took an opportunity to be closer to family and raise their children with small town roots



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