The Lodge 

You will feel right at home in our 6 bedroom spacious lodge.  The common area with a fully stocked bar and a warm fireplace is perfect for relaxing and telling stories after a long day's hunt.  Don't miss your sporting events while away from home.  Our recreation room is perfectly suited for watching the game.  We have plenty of space to lounge and watch on the big screen.


The Cabin

You'll feel like you are on top of the world at the cabin.  The cabin is located on a remote mountain top.  No neighbors, just the sound of nature.  The cabin can accommodate 5 guests. While it's remote you won't totally have to unplug.  There is wifi and cell service on the top of the mountain.


When you book an all-inclusive trip, we take care of everything.  All of your dining will be provided in house by our chef.  Our Chef prepares a variety of gourmet dishes including beef from our cattle ranch. We also offer hot lunches prepared on site for Mountain Lake expeditions, Cowboy adventures, Long Range Shooting, or hikes.




Visit our store conveniently located in the lodge for any last minute gear

Rack and Reel supplies the latest in hunting apparel and gear. Whether it be a pair of socks, an insulated jacket, or a souvenir mug, we've got you covered! We carry brands such as Sitka, Duckworth, and more. We are also proud carriers of Flyvines.