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  • How do I book a trip with Rack and Reel Montana?
    Please use the contact form, call us or email us to get started planning your visit to Montana. Especially if you are hunting, planning must start early to ensure you will be able to obtain your desired license.
  • Why is the deposit non-refundable?
    Your deposit secures your dates because we are booked well in advance, we pass up other clients to save your dates for you.
  • Where is the closest airport?
    Bozeman International Airport is approximately 2 hours from Rack and Reel Montana, located in Twin Bridges.
  • Can I get a ride from the airport?
    Yes! Just be sure to let us know when you are booking as well as provide flight information when you have it booked. Transportation to and from the airport is part of the all-inclusive price.
  • What should I tip my guide and their staff?
    The standard tip for guides and staff averages 15% as a base. Your tip is a personal choice and your happiness with your experience can be reflected in your tip. Guides work seasonally and that often comes with sacrifice. Cooks and other staff are usually tipped slightly less than your guide. If you think someone has gone above and beyond to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, a tip is greatly appreciated.
  • I can't wait to treat my family to wild game, how do I get it home?
    You have a few options in getting your taxidermy and meat home. We suggest: 1. Bring several large coolers to travel home 2. Complete a meat/taxidermy cut and delivery form. Rack and Reel staff will deliver your meat and taxidermy to local shops. It can be shipped to you from Montana. 3. Alternatively, you may donate your meat to Hunters for Hunger (must be the entire carcass including backstrap and tenderloin) The hunter is responsible for meat, taxidermy and shipping costs.
  • Do you recommend a certain taxidermist?
    Rack and Reel uses several local taxidermists. However, if you have a taxidermist at home that you'd like to use, ask your guide to cape your animal for travel. Taxidermists typically charge about $100 per animal to cape. Caping is not included in the price of your hunt.
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