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Find the right hunt for you.

Ruby Valley is a magical place for sportsmen. Our hunts are fair chase and we abide by all game laws set by the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. We accommodate both archery and rifle private land hunts in Southwestern Montana. 

We offer 1:1 or 2:1 hunts with experienced guides, each hunt is tailored to meet the hunter's needs. Hunts are all inclusive and include lodging, meals, beverages, transportation, taxidermy drop-off, meat processing drop-off and application services. Hunt prices do not include gratuity, hunting license, conservation stamp or archery stamp, if applicable.

We ask for 35% deposit at booking to reserve your guide and your bed, neither of which you will want to be without! All booking, hunt and payment details will be on a case-by-case basis. We book with a limited number of sportsmen each year to do our part in conserving wildlife for generations to come. 

License fees, application dates and season dates are provided as a general reference. Please check the most current regulations for specific dates and fees. 


Big Game Combo

Montana offers a unique opportunity to harvest two big game animals during the same hunt, deer (whitetail or mule deer) and elk.


Montana is home to one of the largest elk populations in the country. Rack and Reel Montana hunts several different ranches which offer the ability to hunt different herds of elk throughout the week.


The Ruby Valley is home to great deer hunting. You'll be hard pressed to find better general unit bucks and country. Spectacular scenery, wall worthy bucks, and a hardworking outfitter and guides will create an experience you won't soon forget.

Hunters can expect to see elk and mule deer on the same day, while whitetail properties are lower in the valley. In 2021, Rack and Reel guides provided hunters with 100% shot opportunity of both elk and deer.

IMG_0793 2.HEIC

Archery Big Game Combo (elk focused)

6 night/5 day 1:1     $6000

Rifle Big Game Combo

6 night/5 day 2:1     $8000

6 night/5 day 1:1     $9500

Non-Resident Big Game Combo License (Includes Fishing License)


Non-Resident Big Game Combo Application Dates

March 1 - April 1

Season Dates

Archery     September 3 - October 16

General    October 22 - November 27

Black Bear

When the snow comes off, hungry bears are out and about in the spring. This is the perfect time to find them feeding on fresh shoots of green grass on sunny slopes. This is typically a more laid back hunt with opportunity to see color phase bears. Montana black bear hunts are spot and stalk. Black Bear tags can be purchased over the counter and require the hunter to pass a bear identification test prior to hunting.

685 2.JPEG

Spring Bear

6 night/5 day 1:1     $5000


Fall Bear

6 night/5 day 1:1     $5000

Non-Resident Black Bear License


Non-Resident Black Bear Over-the-Counter Purchase Dates

Spring    April 14

Fall    August 31

Season Dates

Spring     April 15 - May 31 *Some Districts Vary

Archery    September 3 - September 14

Fall    September 15 - November 27


This is an excellent opportunity to harvest this magnificent animal without waiting for years in a draw that some states require. Although not a wild bison hunt, a bison makes a great addition to any trophy room. Bison can be hunted exclusively or added to any big game hunt for an impressive combo. 



1 night/1 day (1:1)     $4000

Call for availability

Mountain Lion

We have teamed up with Treed Up Outfitters to provide the opportunity to pursue these cats with elite houndsmen and their dogs that have several seasons under their belts (and collars). If you're serious about this pursuit, we've got the team to help you succeed. Our area has a low quota and a waiting list, book today to secure your future hunt.

dougs cat_edited.jpg

Mountain Lion

6 night/5 day (1:1)    $8000

call for availability

Non-Resident Mountain Lion License


Non-Resident Mountain Lion Over-the-Counter Purchase Dates

General    N/A

Special July 23

Season Dates

Archery     September 4 - October 17

Fall    October 23 - December 1

Winter     December 1 - April 14

Late Winter    February 1 - April 14

Pronghorn Antelope

Antelope hunting is unlike most other big game hunting. Rack and Reel's private land is located in Unit 322 , which can a be a tough draw for a rifle hunt however, the easier to draw Unit 900 archery antelope tag is valid statewide. We have a series of prime blind locations chosen specifically for archery antelope hunters.


Archery or Rifle Antelope

6 night/5 day (1:1)    $5000

Non-Resident Antelope License


Non-Resident Antelope Application Dates

June 1

Season Dates

900 Series (Archery only)    August 15 - November 13

Archery     September 3 - October 7

General     October 8 - November 13


Want to see Ruby Valley, but didn't draw a license like your friend or family member? It's possible to still tag along.  Please contact us directly to add a Non-Hunter to your group.  


Non-hunter (room & board)

6 night/5 day    $2000

Ask about availability of Montana Adventure activities (seasonal)

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