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Dead-eye! Hone in your shooting skills to get ready for one of our big game hunts or just a little fun among friends. We've got several fun options to get you comfortable behind the trigger or release. All shooting options are available as a daily rate or as a choice for the all inclusive Montana Adventure.



We'll guide you through our private steel safari course while you test your limits at 500, 800, 1000 yards and beyond. Use Rack and Reel's custom long range rifles or bring your own. Book a day at the range or as part of your Montana Adventure package.


Steel Safari





Aim small, miss small. These guys are small and quick! You'll be hard pressed to find more fun than you will aboard Rack and Reel's custom gopher rig featuring a scissor lift platform with six custom swivel seats and a gun rest (aka safety railing). There plenty of gophers in the area and the hours will fly by. An excellent way to spend a day of your Montana Adventure.

Gopher Hunt




The saying goes practice doesn't make perfect, but perfect practice does. Target practice is a great warm-up, but we like to make things mimic a real archery hunt in the Ruby Valley. Tobacco Root Archers has developed a course with natural brush, obstacles and terrain to make a more challenging realistic course for you and your guide to work through. We will provide you with score sheets to make sure your partners are being fair. The course is fun for all ages and abilities levels. Please bring your own bow and arrows with field points.

3D Archery




Get your friends and family together and sling a little paint at each other, this is the only time you can shoot someone and not get in trouble for it! We will provide protective equipment, paintballs, CO2 and paintball guns for up to 12 guests.



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