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Coyote Springs Invitational with S3 Sniper Competition

Rack and Reel Montana was the host site for this year's Coyote Springs Invitational S3 Sniper Challenge presented in partnership with Schnee's and Stone Glacier.

The course of fire consisted of 16 stages over 2 days. Each timed stage had 4 targets for the shooting pair. Both shooters engaged each target for a total of 2 impacts or 3 engagements, whichever came first. Targets ranged from 100 yards to 1200 yards.

Approximately 100 shooters took over Rack and Reel Montana for a stellar shooting competition. The competitiveness as well as cohesiveness of this group was a sight to see.

We're excited to welcome back S3 Sniper Challenge and the Coyote Springs Invitational for another round in 2023!

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